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Resist – An Incomplete Look at One Hundred Years of Protest Design

Viktor Ekblom –

Protest is always present, and there are no protest-free zones or eras. Protest is the expression of resistance in a society, and there are no societies that are free of resistance. Graphic design and resistance goes hand in hand. It’s a valuable tool for elevating a movement and its cause, and this puts the designer in a position of power. This book presents an incomplete look at the use of graphic design within resistance movements over the past hundred years, from Constructivism in Russia, via Olympic protests in Mexico, to the contemporary Yellow Vests movement. It will showcase how designers with the help of typography, images and forms can support and elevate actual social change. The purpose of the book is to explore and highlight an alternative history of graphic design, and at the same time present the possibilities and accomplishments of the trade. The US Trade sized book consists of 262 pages divided into 12 chapters. Various texts make up each chapter alongside 123 different images and 24 historic quotations. The design is based on a flexible grid system where various layouts and sizes of type is used, alongside both halftone and full-color imagery.