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Studio IMMA

Louise Bjerkesjö –

Studio IMMA is a modern and sustainable clothing brand founded by Louise Bjerkesjö. Louise is born and raised on the island Gotland where much of the inspiration comes from. The clothing brand was also formed as a reaction of today's fast fashion. The target group is women between the ages of 25-40 and where collections have been inspired by 30s Hollywood women with wavy hair, voluminous shoulders and beautiful patterns. Collections will be released gently and through demand but will also include rental. An important aspect of a clothing company owned and run by a woman, is to include other women regarding inspiration, support and collaboration. Therefore, there will be events with women from the industry holding talks and inspiring workshops. A place where women can meet. Studio IMMA creates sustainable clothes that is 100% biodegradable. This means that it is possible, for example, to sow your own tomatoes from the seed that is sent in the label on each garment, by planting the garment with the seed when the garment is no longer used. Although it may feel strange to plant a garment with a seed, it is at the same time the future that we must and should strive for. A clothing company started in 2020 must take its responsibility and make the most sustainable alternatives possible. Studio IMMA is an alternative to a more sustainable future in the clothing industry and will continue to explore more possibilities of other materials for future productions. In this way, we humans also become a part of the ecosystem, by being part of it.