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Re-branding Skånes Konstförening

Ieva Bimbiryte –

Skånes Konstförening (Scania’s Art Association) is a dynamic organization that runs a platform and a gallery for art exhibitions, pedagogy and other cultural events. In the recent years association’s main focus were questions connected to queer identity, migration, and Swedish colonialism. Association is located in an urban area in Malmö (Södra Sofielund) where street art is a popular way of self-expression for the artists. The local art scene and the local neighborhood are association’s main target audience. Today, association offers an interesting artistic programme but lacks preciseness and clarity in its visual language. My goal was to create a graphic profile that represented association’s identity and spoke to the target audience. Creative brief I designed after my interview with Skånes Konstförening can be summarized as follows: queer, socially engaged, playful, welcoming, relevant, progressive, colourful. I’ve created two logo-versions: first one represents and can be used as a stencil; second is a sprayed result one gets after using the stencil. The lines inside the S-symbol is an abstract representation of Scania’s municipalities’ map. A suitable hue of pink has been chosen as the primary brand colour mainly because pink has queer associations. Two spray patterns I got during my logo spray-tests are another important graphic element in this re-branding. The final result is: two logos, layout for a responsive landing page, social media profiles, two poster templates (Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter events), stationery design, and merchandise.