Alexandra Lindström Alice Kindborg Elofsson Alice Svärdhagen Andrea Hjulfors Berg Cassandra Tönissoo Cecilia Turemark Elin Filipsson Ellinore Sånge Hella Selle
Ida Ginman Ieva Bimbiryte Jakob Svensson Louise Bjerkesjö Philip Tellenmark Sandra Persson Stefan Hansson Stina Axelsson Viktor Ekblom


Ellinore Sånge

The finished project is based upon design and brand guidelines for the honey producer Bibruket. The brand received a full visual communication that included marketing materials for digital, as well as printed use. The visual concept is founded in the quality, product origin and authenticity of the brand. A concept that saturates the entire marketing communication and adds strength to the brand identity. The project shows how graphic design can be used to create clear and consistent visual communication.The number of brands and products available on the market is overwhelming. Due to this, it is now more than ever important with clear brand messages to position the brand and its products in the mind of the consumer. The products in store are cramped together and are screaming for the costumer’s attention. Hence, the visual language is getting increasingly important. The consumers are starting to demand a higher degree of transparency and is asking for knowledge about the products, from the beginning of the supply chain, until the end. Furthermore, consumers have gained a greater knowledge about the products design. Resulting in the designers need to reflect even more about the design choices and their consequence. The visual elements that are presented on the product packaging has to be clear and easy to identify and understand.Bibruket positions themselves through a brand message of quality, product origin and authenticity. The branding is made consistent through clear design and brand guidelines, accompanied by the marketing material for the brand in relation to the brands core values. This allows Bibruket to gain a unique position on the market.