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Arcturus Publishing

Sandra Persson –

My mission in this project was to create a new graphic identity for the book publisher Arcturus Publishing. The publisher currently has quite an anonymous graphic profile, which can be problematic in competition with other publishers. The project is mainly a branding project, which included deciding things like logotype, typography, colours and graphic elements. I also decided to create a prototype for a new website with e-commerce. Arcturus Publishing is focused on publishing classics in this project, and to give an example of this I designed five book covers, all of them in the same kind of genre. The point of the project was to design a new strong graphic identity for Arcturus Publishing that stands out. Arcturus is today London based and dedicated to create books that appeal to a broad, international market. I had the Swedish market in mind in this project. The target group could be people from 20 and older, that not only appreciates a good reading experience but also appealing design, and likes to see books as objects worth saving and collecting. Inspiration for the graphic profile is taken from the name Arcturus, which is a giant star in the Northen Hemisphere, and the brightest star in the constellation Boötes. It is one of the brightest stars that can be seen from earth.