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Cassandra Tönissoo –

Framtidsdrivet is a campaign that acts to interest individuals in the environmentally friendly choices they can make in everyday life. The campaign is based on Sweden’s Environmental Goals. The goals are developed by the Swedish Parliament and are guidelines for sustainable development. Today, the Environmental Goals are mainly aimed towards municipalities and companies. Thus, Framtidsdrivet aims to fill the void of information directed to the individual. In topics related to the environment and sustainability, mankind has throughout history left a negative impact on the planet. Climate change has become a major threat and with it comes serious consequences. Today, the effects are already visible. It is important to increase knowledge about climate change and politicians, companies and the individual need to take equal responsibility. The project resulted in a larger campaign, aimed to inspire the individual to take their responsibility. With the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency as the sender, the campaign invites people to be proud of the environmentally friendly choices they make in their everyday lives. The name of the campaign, Framtidsdrivet, is inspired by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's vision of creating a good living environment for all living things, now and for future generations. Through presence on social media and in urban environments, the campaign acts as a building block in the recipient's journey towards a more climate-positive life, by a continuous dose of tips, inspiration and challenges. Established is a complete concept with a graphic profile, social media, website and advertising.