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Laga brunch

Elin Filipsson –

The book making brunch or "making granola through graphic design” (which I long called the project) started out with a frustration over the traditional structure of the cookbook. Recipes based on step by step instructions communicate the process as chronological and linear, which cooking not automatically need to be. The instruction also make frameworks that determine in what order and how things should be done. This indirectly tells you that there is a right and a wrong way for how to do when cooking. After researching the process, I realize that cooking as an activity doesn’t need to have a specific process. It’s more about improvisation. The insight leads to an understanding that the step by step instruction is problematic. This because it doesn’t communicate and teach the real activity of cooking. Therefore, based on my knowledge of graphic design, the goal where to create an infographic instruction that better represents the activity of cooking. Further design a book about brunch with this different approach. Many sketches and design choices later, I came up with a concept that involved circles that in relation to each other showed the distribution of the ingredients being used. In addition, the circles also indicate what you’re supposed to do with the ingredients. When designing, I consider our cognitive ability to understand design and use my knowledge of design principles. In order to create more dynamic content, making brunch also contains stories about the origins of the different dishes.