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Bin & Bensin

Jakob Svensson –

Intense farming, extensive use of pesticides and the changing climate has caused bees (and other insects) to die at an increasing rate. In particular, the effect that global warming has on bees is something that needs to be brought up, and we must switch to green energy sources to a greater extent. Transportation is the second largest area where fossil fuels are consumed. If everyone would cycle or walk instead of taking the car for all distances under five kilometers, that would halve the number of car trips in total. ‘Bin & bensin’ (Bees & gasoline) is a digital animation that illustrates the danger of continuing to rely on fossil fuels. Still images of a melting bee are published in a booklet with clear and legible information on the subject. The bee is also seen on posters around the city. The short animation may show up just after a car advertisement on TV. However, a bee that dissolves into a pool of oil is a grotesque image: the next part of the campaign could introduce a happy ending. Choose your bike instead of the car the next time you are going on an trip, and submit a photograph as proof to get a bee-shaped bell for your bike.