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Alice Svärdhagen –

This project was founded as a solution to the problems associated with having different ticket systems when using public transportation in Sweden. Skånetrafiken, Västtrafik and Upplandstrafiken are just some examples of this variation and as a tourist it can be both confusing and time-consuming learning how to use the different systems. The solution became a country wide system which would replace all the existing public transport systems. In addition, travelers wouldn’t need to use travel cards but instead use the new app. This is because we’re currently in a time where such travel cards are slowly but surely being replaces by digital solutions.

Visit Sweden is Sweden’s most primary digital travel agency and thus became the natural choice of sender for this project. They are providing all the necessary information future tourists might need when traveling across Sweden. The app developed for this purpose became tikit, with a primary goal of making traveling in Sweden easier for foreign tourists as well as provide information regarding activities both within and around the designated area. During the developing process, in addition to a competitive analysis a thorough analysis of the target audience was made. To consider the wide variation of tourists expected to use tikit, personas representing different parts of the world were made to take into account various needs. The esthetics of the app was based on the graphic profile of Visit Sweden to create a comprehensive overall impression. Tikit’s being marketed through Visit Sweden on their Instagram, but also on Youtube in form a shorted commercial. Tikit is also available on Apple Watch to further optimize its usage.