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Find Me

Hella Selle –

As I’ve realized music isn’t just sound, I asked some people what they find most important around a music artist and I was left with the interesting answer of: narrative and genuine thoughts from the artist; some sort of background story. Along with a bunch of other really cool answers. So how does one combine a story, music and pretty much Genius Lyrics into a graphic design project? Good one, next question. Jokes aside, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Desirée Kjellerups music and compel an aesthetically pleasing and informative visual accompaniment to an unreleased album of seven songs.

The result: Find me

For two months straight, I’ve worked every day to find inspiration, research, choose the right selection of songs, picking out fitting pieces of song lyrics, asking people, asking the musician, asking myself if what I’m doing is right. Making illustrations, collecting the thought process behind the creation of the songs, scanning, printing, scanning, printing, scanning… The book is meant to be read as an extension of the songs, to be able to listen to the music and read along. To flip through the pages and follow along on a journey, inspired by a travel journal, through landscapes inspired by Desirées hometown, with illustrations to set the mood and reflect the music.Thank you to everyone who helped me out and who was open to listen to my chaotic thoughts. Turns out, I made it.